Philosophy of learning

We respect the dignity of every person in our community. We promote and value that each person is an individual, diverse and different in his or her own way. “Every individual has a personal narrative- experiences that colour what they question, the answers they seek, the possibilities they see, and the ways they come to know the truth.” (Horizons of Hope 2015) 

In our Contemporary world, we recognise the importance of the development of the whole child- spiritually, intellectually, morally, physically, socially and emotionally. Within this ever-changing world we strive to ensure our children are enlivened by the life of Jesus and have a strong sense of respect, compassion and justice. We promote our students constructing their own beliefs and building character to live a life full of hope and meaning. We encourage our students to continually explore, question, wonder and create inciting curiosity and thinking about the world around them making meaning and understanding. 

Learning to learn, partnering to learn, collaborating to learn, connecting to learn, contributing to learning are our key drivers building a wonderful culture of learning for all in our community. We believe that every person in our community is important and deserves the best opportunity to grow and learn by providing access and equity to all regardless of their needs. 

We are committed to the highest of expectations based on data and evidence promoting growth and success for every person. We promote the achievement of high academic standards through the connection of learning and life where students can make the necessary meaning from their learning. We promote our students being drivers in their learning and being active citizens committed to making a difference and crafting the world around them. By providing students with the Know, Do and Be of learning our students can develop an understanding of the world, a sense of self and the necessary dispositions and actions to be confident, curious, creative and committed to ensuring the very best learning for their future.