Connecting with Community

St. Mary’s works very hard to maintain important partnerships with:

– Other Hastings schools,
– Early learning centres and kindergartens,
– Allied services and community organisations.

This approach enables our community to work together to provide a continuum of learning and support for all Hastings children and their families, regardless of what school they attend. By working together, in a community partnership approach, we are able to create learning environments and opportunities that are responsive to individual children and their families.

Our ultimate desired outcome is that all children arrive at primary school ready to engage in the ongoing learning opportunities offered. To achieve this, the Hastings community collaboratively plans and implements a wide range of activities that fall under three goals:

1. Children and families make a smooth transition between early years services and schools.
2. Early years services and schools actively connect with families

3. Schools are responsive to the individual needs of all children

It takes a village to raise a child